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Teen Challenge has 12 local teams with nearly 600 workers made up from staff and volunteers, who work in 57 locations across the UK. We also have 6 Residential Centres, which are in England, Scotland and Wales.

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  • How can I get help? +

    If you are looking to enter the Teen Challenge rehab programme, you will need to complete an application form. (Depending on which centre you require).

  • Is there an age limit? +

    Applicants are assessed based on their individual circumstances. Whilst age is one of the factors used to decide whether our programme is right for a particular applicant, age alone will not determine whether an applicant is accepted.
  • Who do you accept? +

    Individuals who are addicted to life controlling problems and can function in a residential setting, pending an interview and GP reports. We are not able to accept those who are using anti-psychcotic medications.
  • How long is the Programme? +

    The programme lasts for 12 months and is split into 3 levels. After completion, a further 4th level is taken which offers ongoing support and supervision.
  • Do I need to be willing to do the programme? +

    Yes. Teen Challenge is a voluntary programme.

  • What if you leave prematurely? +

    For whatever reason a resident has left the programme, a minimum of 4 weeks must pass before they can re-apply for the programme.

  • How long is the waiting list? +

    The waiting list can change from week to week. Normally between 8 - 12 Weeks.

  • Do you have any drop-in Centres? +

    Yes. We have 15 drop-in centres around the UK. You can click on this link and check which one is nearest to you.

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